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What I do

I am a multi-state licensed psychotherapist who is passionate about innovative approaches to mental health and behavior change.  I am a clinical product manager for an app-based mindfulness treatment program and in my private practice help individuals create their rich and meaningful lives.

Licensed Psychotherapist providing therapy via telehealth in Oregon, Colorado, Idaho and Texas

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT is a type of third-wave behavior therapy loosely related to Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  It incorporates mindfulness, pursuing our heart's values and commitment towards building a meaningful life.  More

Professional Interests & Specialized Training Areas

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Heart-Rate Variability Biofeedback

  • Digital Mental Health

  • Psychedelic Integration

Coaching services are for people in any location who want support around issues such as career transitions, building healthy habits and realizing goals. 

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About 2

My approach

Here is a bit about how I work with people in therapy or coaching

Issues I Commonly Work With

  • Living Your  Best Life (Exercise, Nutrition, Self-Care, Boundaries)

  • Anxiety

  • Career Focus, Work-Life Balance

  • People in Tech / Start-Ups 

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Changing Relationships with Substances

  • Perfectionism

  • College Age

  • Parenting Issues / Pregnancy

What is therapy or coaching like?  I help you identify your core values and what it would mean for you to be living your best life.  We look at barriers and experiences that are getting in the way from being in that place.  Therapy and coaching is active and directive, teaching mindfulness skills, adding new coping skills to your toolkit and collaborating on life changes.  My overall approach is rooted in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy as well as  Compassion-Focused Therapy.



Values & Background
Compassion & Innovation

Values of Importance to Me:

  • Social Justice, Anti-Racism and being my best LGBTQ+ ally

  • Personal values, including Compassion, Courage, Peace, Adventure, Innovation, Laughter & Love

Diverse Work Background Including:

Meru Health - Digital therapeutics through app-based treatment program

Southern Oregon University  - Adjunct Psychology faculty

Rogue Community College - Teaching Human Development and providing career counseling and guidance to students, mindfulness cirricululm and new student motivational work

Jackson County Mental Health - Adult services clinician

Maslow Project - Resource center for homeless youth

Armadillo Technical Institute - Charter school for grades 6-12

Dunn House - Shelter for survives 

Ashland High School


Consulting Work

Experience providing training & consultation around specialty areas. Please email me to discuss your specific project needs.

Consultation Services

  • Creating Digital Interventions

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Content

  • Mindfulness Content 

  • Behavior Change

Trainings for Organizations

Subjects such as:

  • Resilient Workforce

  • Mindfulness at Work

  • Culture & Values Alignment

  • Work Anxiety & the Pandemic

  • Education on Mental Health in the Workplace

New Client Request 

Use this application to send in a request to become a new therapy or coaching client. 

Payment - Only currently accepting:
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Thanks for your message! 

New Client

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Phone: 541-292-0037


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