Hi Headway!

I'm Sarah (she/her) 👋 and I am a Product Manager working in digital health.  I love solving complex problems that bring about beneficial life changes for the end user.  I have a background in digital behavioral health, operations and people leadership in addition to being a licensed therapist for over ten years.  

I thrive in a rapidly changing environment and lean on excellent communication skills and strategic thinking.

Recent problems I have been solving

Improve Onboarding Experience 

Problem |  Current onboarding experience does not provide value to the user and does not properly explain our program.  Users come to their intake call not understanding what they have signed up for.  Users also fall off at high ratios during onboarding funnel.

Project |  Update onboarding funnel to create a rewarding assessment outcome for the user to provide personalized results.  Add educational cards to inform user better of our value proposition and what they can gain from the program, while making it more likely the right user is signing up for the program.

Outcome |  Improvements at stages from start to complete assessment, assessment to call booked and call booked to start treatment.  Total improvement is a 6% increase in users starting treatment.

Increase Value Proposition

Problem |  Some users easily identifying value in treatment program and desire more individual time with their therapist.

Project |  Pilot expanded value proposition through added additional face-to-face sessions between user and therapist in a scalable way.  

Outcome | Pilot resulted in increase from 70% to 96% conversion rate from intake call phase to treatment with the additional services.  Analyzed scalability and reducing impact on margins by decreasing time spent on other activities.

Treatment Modularity & Personalization

Problem |  Treatment within the app does not currently afford for modularity and personalization of care at the level therapist and user could benefit from.

Project |   Identify common user types who have less engagement, address their pain points and propose personalized treatment plans to better meet their needs.

Outcome |  Addressed three types of users who could benefit more from their treatment program and created treatment personas to highlight their needs, the behaviors we want to increase and how we can provide more personalized care.  Final outcome in-progress.

Along the way

Like many Product Managers my career has been filled with diverse experiences and different skillsets.  Here is an overview:

💎 2022 to Present Product Management for Meru Health | Working with international teams to reduce access to care and scale great outcomes in mental health treatment.

🌟 2020 to 2022 Clinical Operations, Clinical Supervisor & Manager, Meru Health | Building an engaged remote therapy team delivering incredible quality care while maintaining culture and values of the organization.

🌈 2010 - 2020 Manager, Private Practice Therapy Services | Busy therapy practice helping people with behavior change and integrated digital interventions.

🌀 2012 - 2019 Founder & Co-Owner, This Little Piggy Restaurant Group | Creating compliant and automated small business systems to support both fast-casual and bistro-style restaurant infrastructure.   Included branding, design, online ordering systems and payroll integrations.

🔮 2010 - 2019 Counseling Faculty | College instruction and creation of engagement and motivational programs with new student population in rural, low-SES community.

💛 2006 - 2010 Online Engagement Specialist, Higher Ed | Creating engagement in online learning environments through Washington State University's distance degree programs.


🔷 2001 - 2008 Web Development & Graphic Design, Honestly, Sarah | Branding and website design for small business retail and e-commerce solutions during this growth period of online retail.

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